Delivering Equipment That Offers You Best Of All Worlds

The people who build Vimar and ATF brand forklifts and warehousing equipment rank well among the worlds renowned manufacturers. The company has managed to garner recognition owing to the continual manufacturing of industrial drive systems to a wide clientele, for all possible applications.

 This model of forklift combines all of the latest technology, along with tried and true products that have been available in the worldwide market for many years. We focus on delivering our top-notch vehicles & services to companies around the globe.

Vimar and ATF brand stand for quality and innovation and the same is reflected well by the design of their vehicles. They incorporate innovative technology in all of their products, making sure that the customer gets the best in terms of service and productivity.

Their aim is to combine the best innovative technology with cost-effective solutions, to deliver a high degree of functionality, combined with maximum output from their products.

Being affordable does not mean that you have to compromise with quality. With Vimar and ATF, you will manage to find the right balance between price & performance.

We have established a comprehensive distribution and service network that is expanding continuously.

We offer customers numerous models of equipment and spare parts, technical advice, and professional maintenance services.

Why Choose Us?

  • Customized solutions as per individual requirements.
  • Building long-term customer relationships through quality machinery.
  • Durable forklifts manufactured in the same facility as the popular forklifts were, for many years, under license..
  • Availability of vast finance options for clients. Please ask for a quote.
  • World class solutions by innovation.
  • Delivering forklifts created to match the current safety standards used in industry..