As there are many types of forklifts, most of them have designs and controls that are common. A professional driver knows about all of the things. But for the new guy, it is challenging to begin. So important is to learn and understand the parts involved in how to drive a forklift.

A beginner can undergo forklift training and receive certification. The training helps to align with current practices. Getting hands-on practice on a forklift is the key to operate it safely.

When an ATF forklifts operate in a different environment, its experience is different. With advancements in technology and changing conditions, a forklift operator faces challenges to keep up with the industry.

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All forklift operators must understand the basics of how to drive a forklift before beginning training. But, only learning forklift operation is not enough. The knowledge gained must be practically used in varied settings. A certified operator can add productivity to an organization’s purpose.

The following are the basic principles required to operate forklifts. We start by knowing the standard controls.

· Hydraulic lift knobs offer forks the movement. They go up, down, tilt and move sideways.
· Direction buttons enable the fork to shift gears from forward to neutral to reverse. The controls appear on a steering column that is operated by foot.
· Accelerating pedal gives a boost to the forklift to perform operations in a fast or slow manner.
· Brakes are like an accelerator pedal operated by foot. It stops a forklift from moving.
· Clutch Pedal is available in forklifts used in outdoor spaces. It helps forklifts to gain speed. Such forklifts need good knowledge before buying. So check out the tips for buying best forklift.
· Inching Pedal is located on the foot area and allows inch by inch navigation of forklift. The inching pedal is beneficial when forklifts operate in tight spaces.
· Parking brake assists the forklift in standing at a halt position when not in use. It is useful in cases when forklift parks on sloping surfaces.

Navigating a Forklift

After knowing the above basics, up next is the way to navigate a forklift. Driving a forklift is not like driving a car. The following are things that need consideration before operating a forklift.

Visibility – Chances of an accident are more if one drives a forklift with minimum visibility. Less visibility can lead to

• Load damage
• Collisions with other items
• Forklift overturning
• Injuring pedestrians

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It is necessary to clear the path with maximum possible light. Some recommendations to follow:

• Make the view clear.
• See in directions before driving a forklift.
• Always look in the course of travel. (Forward or reverse).
• Spotters, rear view mirrors can increase visibility.
• Concave mirrors suit best when entering narrow lanes, buildings, blind spots or corners.
• Use headlights that you know when.
• Do not drive fast in and out of buildings. Your vision can disrupt when entering or exiting light or dark areas.
• Take caution on loading docks.
• Stay far away from surface edges.
• Blow the horn when you think to avoid an accident.

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