1What are the ways through which we can send the money?
We usually accept all kind of cards and the sending money ways. In order to have good relations with our customers we, never try to cheat our customers by charging them a really high price.
2How do I send money?
For both domestic and International clients we provide them with an ease of sending money. No hassle for sending money by the client's residing miles away. Once you are done with payment then the machinery will be delivered at your location.

1Do you accept credit cards as a payment method?
The answer in a single word is “Yes”. Looking into the advanced mode of payments and availability of different payment gateways, we offer our clients with an ease of doing payment. Apart from accepting different cards, we allow the customers to make a purchase through the credit card payment mode.
2Do you charge extra for loading and shipping?
We do not charge extra for loading and shipping within the city. But in certain cases, if the distance is far and out of our reach then we charge the buyers according to the distance to be covered. We inform the buyer about the extra delivery charges when he is making a purchase.

1How often does my Forklift require maintenance?
Every machine asks for attention and regular service after certain intervals. Try not to avoid its regular service pattern. If you are taking work from a machine and not paying attention then this can cause damage to the property, work loss or even improper functioning of the vehicle.
2Do you offer some training sessions?
We do have training sessions for the people working with us to give them complete knowledge about the machinery and the ways to use so as to avoid any kind of mishap.

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