1.3T-2.0T Mini Pallet Truck

3.0T-3.5T Four Wheel AC Electric Forklift
November 16, 2015
2.0T-2.5T Electric Pallet Trucks
November 16, 2015

1.3T-2.0T Mini Pallet Truck


1.1 Manufacturer
1.2 Model 
1.4 Operate Type
1.5 Load Capacity Q(kg) 2000
1.6 Load Center c(mm) 600
1.9 Wheelbase y(mm) 1320

2.1 Service Weight(Incl. Battery) kg 320

3.1 Tyre Type
3.2 Tyre Size,Drive Wheels mm ¦µ230x70
3.3 Tyre Size,Load Wheels mm ¦µ80x60
3.4 Tyre Size,Balance Wheels mm ¦µ84x48
3.5 Wheels,Numbers(x= drive wheel)

4.2 Height,Mast lowered h1(mm) £­
4.3 Free Lift h2(mm) £­
4.4 Lift Height h3(mm) 205
4.5 Height,Mast Extended h4(mm) £­
4.9 Height of tiller arm,Min/Max h14(mm) 785/1250
4.15 Fork Height, Lowered h13(mm) 85/74
4.19 Overall Length l1(mm) 1625
4.21 Overall Width b1/b2(mm) 680
4.22 Fork Dimension l/e/s(mm) 1150x160x50
4.25 Outside Fork Width b5(mm) 540/680
4.32 Ground Clearance m2(mm) 35
4.33 AST,1000X1200 pallet crossways ast1(mm) 1980
4.34 AST,800X1200 pallet crossways ast2(mm) 1860
4.35 Outer Turning Radius wa(mm) 1430

5.1 Travel Speed, Laden/Unladen km/h 5.0/5.5
5.2 Lifting Speed, Laden/Unladen m/s 0.04/0.05
5.3 Lowering Speed, Laden/Unladen m/s 0.04/0.05
5.8 Max Gradeability, Laden/Unladen % 8.0/16.0

6.1 Drive Motor Rating S2 60Min kw 1.10DC/AC
6.2 Lifting Motor Rating S3 15% kw 0.85DC
6.4 Battery Voltage/Capacity(5h) V/Ah 24/80

7.1 Controller
7.2 Service Brake
7.3 Parking Brake

1: Smart body, with attractive appearance. High-strength frame designed for tough pallet handling tasks.

2: Lower consumption, Lower service cost, while higher performance. Ideal choice for replacing Hand Pallet Truck.

3: 24V/65AH(80AH optional) maintenance free battery contributes to strong power and easier operation, meeting most requirements for light and medium duty applications.

4: Compact structure and reasonable layouts provides steadiness and durability during operation.

5: Intelligent and modular designs enhance easier operation, convenient dismantle and quick service.


1: Ergonomically designed and built Handle is increasing your comfort during operation. Dustproof and sealing structure prevent it from dust pollution damages and improve service life.

2: Intelligent and modular controlling system ensures the steadiness and safety for walking, lifting, lowering and braking.

3: Super longer handle is utilized for easier operation and less steering efforts.

4: Smart body, compact structure and reasonable layouts greatly increase the steadiness and durability.


1: The Anti-Reverse safety button mounted at the top of the handle reverses the truck direction to prevent the operator from being caught between the truck and the obstacle on unexpected occasions.

2: Intelligent controller takes protection measures in case of over voltage, low voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit occasions.

3: Easy-Access Emergency plug mounted on upright side of truck frame helps operator take immediate action if any emergency occurs.

4: Optional carriages could provide extra protection for the loads, truck and operator; reduce damage caused by application realities.


1: Self-Diagnostics provided direct fault code readout during operation and start up, which is ease of service and maintenance. No need external hand set analyzer any more.

2: 24V/65AH(80AH optional) maintenance free battery contributes to strong power and easier operation, meeting most requirements for light and medium duty applications

3: Built-in charger practicall, y eliminates contamination entry, which can result in failure; in addition, the charger has been designed to operate with even greater reliability.

4: One-piece cover and optimum component layouts make easy access and quick service. More uptimes and lower costs contribute to satisfy owner's benefit and operator's experience.

5: Thanks to sleep model function and low battery voltage alarm function, the energy saving is apparent.

It adds up to longer battery service life, and more productivity as well as lower costs.