Tips for Buying the Best Forklift

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September 7, 2018
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July 10, 2019

Tips for Buying the Best Forklift

Forklifts For Sale Toronto

A thorough search is needed while buying a forklift. Picking up the right machine has a great impact on operating costs, productivity, employee confidence and much more.

Here is a list of factors to consider when to find the option that is best suited for your organization.

Know your Requirements

What weights you generally need to lift?
Up to what height you need to lift the load?
Whether you will be using it indoors, outdoors or both?
How much space does the workplace have?
What are the dimensions of your narrowest aisles?
For what duration the forklift will be used?

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New or Used Forklift ?

If your industry needs to use the forklift for more than four hours a day, a new forklift will work best for you.

Fuel Selection

The large batteries that power the internal combustion forklifts, work efficiently for not more than 8 hours. But now with the introduction of electricity powered forklifts, you can enjoy low-cost ownership and accomplish the similar tasks of a battery-powered forklift inside and out. Though the purchasing costs of electric forklifts are higher, these have lesser operating costs. Moreover, they create less noise, do not require fuel storage, have fewer moving parts and are much more durable. On the downside, electric forklifts need to be recharged, that consumes much time. These are not suitable for outdoor use and can’t work in rainy weather. Whereas internal combustion engine forklifts can be easily refueled at fueling stations or on-hand LPG or LNG canisters. So, choose a forklift that is easy to maintain to boost up the performance.

Tire choice

There are three common types of forklift tires- cushion tires made up of solid rubber, inflated and solid pneumatics. Cushion tires are perfect for interior use while pneumatic tires work well outside. Solid ones are designed to work in hazardous conditions such as rough terrain and workplaces with sharp objects like nails or rocks.

Some additional options

There are some other important factors that you must take into account when reviewing your forklift options. These are truck ergonomics, the different add-ons available to customize your forklift, and safety features of the pallet truck

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Select the Best Dealer

Choose your forklift dealer very carefully. The dealer should be able to offer you a thorough knowledge of all forklift options. He should make the right recommendations after assessing your individual needs. Dealers offering multiple brands tend to recommend the most suitable option. ATF Forklifts stocks the top-quality forklifts for sale. Our forklift trucks are a perfect material handling solution with versatile models in all shapes and sizes.

Work with a dealer who guarantees to provide exceptional after sales service and can adjust to varying short and long-term needs. Check their parts inventory policy, service call response time, and skill level of technicians. You can even go to the dealer’s facility and check references. Keep in mind that, after sale, service is what will maximize your uptime and productivity.

Assess your options

If you are still confused about which forklift is best for you, consider leasing different brands and models to check what actually works best. A reliable dealer will facilitate this process for you.

No matter, whether you are an experienced or a new forklift buyer, contact an expert at ATF Forklifts sales consultant. We are always here to cater to all your needs.

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